NEW: HGMD Professional 2022.4 is now available!


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NEW: HGMD Professional 2022.4 is now available!

More mutations, better annotations, confident classifications

HGMD Professional 2022.4 is now available, expanding the world’s largest collection of human inherited disease mutations to 398,641 entries—that’s 21,131 more than the previous release.

For over 30 years, HGMD Professional has been used worldwide by researchers, clinicians, diagnostic laboratories and genetic counselors as an essential tool for the annotation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data in routine clinical and translational research. Founded and maintained by the Institute of Medical Genetics at Cardiff University, HGMD Professional provides users with a unique resource containing expert-curated mutations all backed by peer-reviewed publications where there is evidence of clinical impact.


HGMD Professional 2022.4 content updates

  • 398,641 detailed mutation reports
  • 21,131 new mutation entries in Q4 2022 alone


Expert-curated content, updated quarterly

HGMD Professional is powered by a team of expert curators at Cardiff University. Data are collected weekly by a combination of manual and computerized search procedures. In excess of 250 journals are scanned for articles describing germline mutations causing human genetic disease. The required data are extracted from the original articles and augmented with the necessary supporting data.

The number of disease-associated germline mutations published per year has more than doubled in the past decade (Figure 1). As rare and novel genetic mutations continue to be uncovered, having access to the latest scientific evidence is critical for timely interpretations of NGS data.

Mutation entries in HGMD Professional

Figure 1. Mutation entries in HGMD Professional 2022.4. The number of inherited disease-associated germline mutations published per year has more than doubled since 2010 (within 10 years).


View the complete HGMD Professional 2022.4 statistics, below.

HGMD 2022.4 Datasheet


Want to learn more about HGMD Professional?

Unlike new machine learning or artificial intelligence platforms that rapidly index millions of journal articles for mutations, HGMD Professional leverages human judgement and expertise—every catalogued mutation has been “touched” by a trained scientist to ensure accuracy, relevance, and context.

Learn more about the industry-leading database here, where you can explore features, watch videos, and request a complimentary 5-day trial.

Learn more about HGMD Professional here.