It’s here! Introducing COSMIC Actionability v10


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It’s here! Introducing COSMIC Actionability v10


Explore 27 new fully curated genes and more cutting-edge data in COSMIC Actionability’s latest release

Announcing the newest COSMIC release, COSMIC Actionability v10! This release enriches the world’s largest expert-curated somatic mutation database with new actionability data, including 27 new fully curated somatic genes, 769 fresh clinical trials, 41 additional oncology drugs, and more!


COSMIC Actionability v10 release highlights

  • 27 new fully curated genes: ARHGAP35, ASPM, B2M, BARD1, BAX, CCNE1, CREBBP, CSF1R, CSF3R, DICER1, EP300, GSK3B, IKZF3, KDR, MAPK1, MS4A1, MUC6, MYC, MYCN, PIK3CD (p110 delta), PIK3R1, PIK3R2, SMARCA4, SMARCB1, SOX2, STAG2, and U2AF1
  • 769 new clinical trials:  COSMIC Actionability now contains 5104 trials with results and 6021 trials with no results—that’s a total of 11,125 clinical trials!
  • 41 new drugs and 378 new treatment combinations: COSMIC Actionability now contains 1876 drugs and 5174 treatment combinations.
  • 112 new somatic variants: This new release brings the total number of somatic variants in COSMIC Actionability to 988.

View the full Actionability v10 release notes here.


What is COSMIC?

COSMIC, the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer, is an expert-curated database encompassing the wide variety of somatic mutation mechanisms causing human cancer. Owned and maintained by the Wellcome Sanger Institute, COSMIC is exclusively licensed through QIAGEN.

COSMIC’s team of variant scientists manually curates key cancer genes to provide in-depth information on mutation distributions and effects. The team relies on a semi-automated curation process of cancer genomes to provide broad somatic annotations toward target discovery and identification of patterns and signatures. To date, COSMIC contains nearly 24 million somatic mutations associated with human cancers.


What is COSMIC Actionability?

COSMIC Actionability is a standalone product within the COSMIC database that focuses on providing information on the availability and development of drugs targeting somatic mutations in cancer. COSMIC’s certified curation team integrates data from case studies, clinical trials, and regulatory bodies to represent a full picture of the current precision oncology pipeline (from drug development, through safety and clinical phases, to market and repurposing).

Actionability contains information on three core units: mutations, diseases and drugs. By capturing relations between these units, COSMIC’s team identifies existing and upcoming drugs that target specific genetic variants in different cancer types.  COSMIC Actionability is a cutting-edge, ‘living-tool’ that provides the most up-to-date data for precision oncology applications.



Want to know more about COSMIC?

Learn more about COSMIC and how the industry-leading database can help you identify biomarkers, annotate variants, and explore the etiology of human cancers here.


Download COSMIC sample data

See first-hand how COSMIC can be used in your lab by downloading sample data here.



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