HSMD 2.1.1 just dropped!


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HSMD 2.1.1 just dropped!

Human Somatic Mutation Database (HSMD) 2.1.1 is now available, bringing 201,000+ new alterations with it.

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Human Somatic Mutation Database, a new somatic database developed by QIAGEN that contains extensive genomic content relevant to solid tumors and hematological malignancies. HSMD 2.1.1 enhances the database with the latest cutting-edge cancer content, including new clinical trials, new drugs, and new variants that have been clinically observed or curated from scientific literature to help users better understand and define precise function and actionability.


HSMD 2.1.1 release highlights

  • More structural variants: 1469 new fusions and 647 new copy number variants (CNVs)
  • 56,000+ new clinically observed variants (that makes 402,278 total!)
  • 121 new drugs, 279 new clinical trials, and 150 new disease subtypes
  • 201,137 new mutations for a new total of 1,735,431 mutations

View the full list of new content updates here.


About HSMD

Combining over 2 decades of expert curation and data from real-world clinical oncology cases, HSMD is a new somatic database from QIAGEN that serves as a single, trusted data source for clinical labs to validate, assess, and better understand the clinical significance of detected variants.

HSMD aggregates manually curated content from the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the industry’s largest collection of biological and clinical findings, with data from over 500,000 real-world clinical oncology cases that have been analyzed and interpreted by QIAGEN’s professional clinical interpretation service, to eliminate the need to manually collect information across knowledge bases and provide deep genomic insight into the molecular characterizations of your patient’s tumor.

Easy to search with new content added weekly, HSMD enables users to explore key genes or mutations with driving properties or clinical relevance, and lets users search for associated treatment options, off-label therapies, resistance markers, and regional and/or disease-specific clinical trials.

Learn more about HSMD here.


[NEW!] HSMD Software Developer Now Available: Integrate HSMD into your in-house analytical tool for increased efficiency. You’ll be able to link out to the full HSMD online content via endpoints (API keys). HSMD Software Developer access provides integration keys for +1.5 million cancer-associated variants.