Danish National Genome Center selects QCI Interpret for variant interpretation in oncology genome sequencing


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Danish National Genome Center selects QCI Interpret for variant interpretation in oncology genome sequencing

QCI Interpret for Oncology will support the Danish National Genome Center's new national initiative—one of Europe’s largest precision oncology projects using whole-genome sequencing to improve cancer diagnostics and treatment decisions.

Today, QIAGEN announced that its variant interpretation and reporting software, QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Interpret, is being deployed as a part of a national initiative in Denmark to offer sequencing-based solutions for cancer patients.

The QCI Interpret solution was chosen by the Danish National Genome Center to provide interpretation of oncology results generated from whole-genome sequencing (WGS) data. The initiative is part of a larger personalized medicine strategy that aims to provide WGS as the standard-of-care for relevant patient groups throughout Denmark.

Danish National Genome Center launches precision oncology iniative

Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to implement WGS as standard-of-care for oncology at this scale. Through the adoption of QCI Interpret, the country aims to gain sufficient genetic data to truly utilize the power of genomics in personalized medicine to improve outcomes for patients through better cancer diagnosis and treatment decisions.

“We are pleased to partner with the Danish National Genome Center in this landmark program to provide nationwide access to the power of sequencing for cancer patients in Denmark. Denmark is taking a visionary approach to aggregating genomic data and combining it with clinical information on cancer patients to develop enhanced population-specific knowledge and reference sets for the country’s residents. This will serve as a foundation for effective precision medicine capabilities for years to come."

QIAGEN provides infrastructure and technology support

The partnership demonstrates QIAGEN’s ability to support national precision medicine programs in terms of infrastructure and technology support.  Denmark has strict requirements for data privacy and security, requiring all data to be processed and stored within the country and only accessed from within the National Genome Center infrastructure. QCI Interpret, allows authorized staff from labs across the country to interpret whole genome sequencing data consistently and efficiently while meeting data privacy and security requirements.

The Danish National Genome Center selected QCI Interpret to streamline and accelerate the interpretation and reporting process. QCI Interpret delivers evidence-based variant interpretation and reporting and adheres to the highest level of data security and privacy. This enables flexibility at distributed testing sites throughout the country that use different next-generation sequencing (NGS) instruments. In addition, the platform is an agnostic solution, so it  can be easily integrated with any pipeline to enable users to go from variant calls to final report within minutes.

QCI Interpret for Oncology: A FASTQ to final report solution

QCI Interpret for Oncology is variant interpretation and reporting software that is powered by augmented molecular intelligence.

Connected to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, a comprehensive, manually curated resource that is updated weekly, QCI Interpret dynamically and transparently computes pathogenicity and actionability based on professional guidelines for every variant in over 31,000 cancer types. In addition, users have access to over 460,000 preformulated, oncologist-reviewed variant impact summaries to build custom, patient-specific reports with the latest evidence and prognostic information, as well as biomarker-directed therapies and clinical trials.

  • Workflow agnostic – Integrates with any pipeline
  • Offers secondary analysis – Enables you to go from FASTQ to report within minutes
  •  On-demand interpretation services – Provides in-software option to submit rare or novel variants to QIAGEN’s variant interpretation team (previously N-of-One)

Interested in QCI Interpret for your lab?

The content core of QCI Interpret for Oncology, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base is the world’s largest source of globally trusted molecular knowledge. Built manually over 20 years by hundreds of MD- and PhD-level expert curators and augmented by artificial intelligence to rapidly identify, extract, and enhance evidence, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base is unrivalled in breadth, depth, and accuracy.

The experience and expertise of QCI Interpret for Oncology—no other commercial variant interpretation and reporting solution comes close

6.4 million+

Contains over 6.4 million precise variants characterized in 18,000 genes

3 million+

Has analyzed and interpreted over 3 million NGS patient test cases worldwide


Processes more than 15,000 new cases per month

Study shows QCI Interpret exhibits higher consistency than human variant interpretation at 8 labs

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