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Looking ahead: the future bioinformatics of genetic testing and precision medicine

The next big medical frontier is on the horizon. Innovations in genomic technology are pushing us closer to the promise of precision medicine. It is remarkable to see how technological innovation has led to groundbreaking advances in genomics. In 2001, it cost nearly $3 billion to sequence the first human genome. Today, the price of whole-genome sequencing is around the $1,000 level, and in the figurative world of tomorrow, genome sequencing may be cheaper than a blood test. Indeed, the next ten years will witness a dramatic acceleration in the rate of discovery and the way in which healthcare is delivered will undergo an extraordinary transformation.

The April 2017 issue of Medical Lab Observer features an article written by QIAGEN Bioinformatics’ Chief Technology Officer Ramon Felciano, Ph.D. The article discusses the future of the genetic testing landscape over the next 10 years, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that the industry currently faces. From the development of robust data management systems, integration of genetic insights with new sources of health data, implementation of intelligent augmentation (IA) for data-driven decision support, and greater involvement of clinical lab personnel across the patient care continuum, genomics research holds the key to meeting many of the global healthcare challenges of the years ahead.


Check out the story: “Looking ahead: the future bioinformatics of genetic testing and precision medicine.” The article provides a thought-provoking outlook on how the next 10 years will usher in a new era of genomic medicine.

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