Clinical oncology testing


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Clinical oncology testing

QCI Interpret’s integration of highly curated knowledge and rules enables automation for much of the interpretation and reporting process for any NGS cancer testing laboratory.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is transforming the way genetic testing is being performed and integrated into patient care. The massive scalability of NGS enables scientists to diagnose and characterize diseases by a multitude of genetic variants rather than by a single genetic test.

The massive adoption of NGS capabilities in genetics and clinical research has created an enormous and continuously expanding body of scientific findings reported in the scientific literature. These findings, which must be assessed for relevance to any given patient test, together with rapidly changing information on drug labels, clinical trials, professional guidelines, and public databases, create challenges for any clinical testing laboratory to accurately survey and compile all sources of evidence that are necessary to interpret and report patient test results.

Together with the flexible features and customization options, QCI Interpret supports virtually any clinical testing laboratory in developing and implementing a robust production pipeline for its cancer patient population. The extensibility of QCI Interpret is useful for testing applications related to diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and risk assessment for somatic and hereditary cancers.

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  • Increase the throughput of your clinical genetics and variant analysis capability for interpretation and reporting
  • Stay current with the industry’s leading knowledgebase of accurate, up-to-date, curated content based on scientific, clinical, therapeutic, prognostic, and clinical trials evidence
  • Improve clinical decision-making by automatically applying relevant professional guidelines and variant classification rules to deliver actionable, evidence-based clinical insights from patient test results
  • Get maximum flexibility for integration and customization of your lab’s policies, workflows, and reporting rules
  • Develop a private, lab-specific variant knowledge base by securely capturing, learning, and re-using results from prior analyses

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