5 reasons why you should use COSMIC for biopharmaceutical research


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5 reasons why you should use COSMIC for biopharmaceutical research

COSMIC, the Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource for exploring the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer. When it was created in 2004 by researchers with the Cancer Genome Project in conjunction with the Sanger Institute, COSMIC was set up with a big ambition–to be the source of all cancer genomic knowledge.

Today, COSMIC contains nearly 24 million genomic variants across 6,800 precise forms of human cancer. It is the most expansive, expert-curated knowledge hub available for somatic NGS data analysis and interpretation. From molecular pathologists matching mutations to targeted therapies to bioinformaticians looking for patterns of DNA mutations in cancer cells, COSMIC is an excellent resource for identifying and understanding cancer mutations.

Now, as the demand for precision oncology increases, so does the need for a comprehensive cancer genomic knowledge base. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using COSMIC for biopharmaceutical research.


1. Guaranteed precision through expert curation

Precision is crucial in developing biopharmaceuticals. Unlike other somatic databases, COSMIC is meticulously and rigorously curated by a team of highly trained, PhD-level experts. This manual curation—the gold standard in genomic curation—ensures that every data point undergoes human scrutiny, giving scientists unparalleled confidence in the accuracy and consistency of the data they rely on. Through comprehensive literature searches, COSMIC’s experts have curated, standardized, and cataloged mutation data, phenotype information, and clinical details from over 1.5 million cancer samples and 29,000 peer-reviewed papers to date.


2. Unrivaled transparency for trustworthy insights

COSMIC provides an unmatched level of traceability for every data point, empowering scientists with transparency and fostering confidence in the presented evidence. With COSMIC, there is no ‘black box’; each piece of information can be traced back to its source, providing users with complete visibility into its origins. This complete transparency is invaluable for biopharmaceutical scientists, especially when dealing with rare variants or variants of unknown significance. In these cases, users can independently assess each piece of data, exercising their judgment on whether to agree or disagree with COSMIC’s data for a particular variant.


3. Bridging the drug discovery gap

In the pursuit of precision oncology, biopharmaceutical scientists must address a wide range of questions about somatic alterations as druggable targets. COSMIC stands as the largest repository of comprehensive genomic, phenotypic, and mutational characteristics of cancers. With COSMIC, you can obtain the most exhaustive information available on mutations associated with a specific cancer type, the frequency and tumor distribution of a specific alteration, driver oncogenic events, candidate therapeutic targets, and much more.

Furthermore, COSMIC’s Actionability functionality assists scientists in tracking and exploring drugs in various stages of development, monitoring the progress of clinical trials, and investigating drugs repurposed to target specific mutations.

And unlike other databases relying on volunteers, COSMIC is continually updated by its team of dedicated expert scientists, ensuring you have access to the accurate and up-to-date insights necessary to advance your translational research efforts.


4. Versatility in data manipulation for enhanced insights

In the dynamic field of biopharmaceuticals, adaptability is essential. COSMIC offers exceptional flexibility, enabling users to customize their data mining, visualization, and manipulation processes. COSMIC can be seamlessly integrated into your IT systems, allowing automatic updates or scheduled integration of newly released datasets to align with your individual workflow. COSMIC also allows you to customize filters according to your pipeline and fully integrate its data with proprietary databases to obtain a single comprehensive view. With COSMIC, you can easily align the data precisely with your unique research processes, enhancing your ability to extract actionable insights.


5. Trust, credibility, and global adoption

In biopharmaceutical research, credibility is earned through adoption. Over 50,000 molecular pathology labs, clinicians, bioinformaticians, and researchers worldwide trust and use COSMIC. It has also been cited in over 10,000 publications. Its extensive usage attests to its accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Recognized in the AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines as a foundational evidence source for somatic variant assessments, COSMIC allows biopharmaceutical scientists to align their work with the highest standards in the field.


How to try COSMIC today

Trying COSMIC in your lab is easy. Simply visit the official COSMIC website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and “Request A Demo”. One of our experts will contact you immediately about scheduling a free demo of COSMIC using your lab’s data.

Have questions? Want to know more? Check out our COSMIC resource hub here.