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Hereditary Cancer

By detecting cancer early, patients may have access to preventative measures and proactive treatment. QIAGEN Digital Insights is improving hereditary cancer risk detection.

Improving hereditary cancer risk detection

Testing for hereditary cancers can detect specific, heritable, disease-related gene mutations that may increase the risk of certain cancers allowing an in-depth cancer risk assessment for each patient.

The critical goal is to detect cancer early and to maximize health outcomes for patients. Patient-tailored screening programs, preventive measures and proactive treatment are possible for patients of a high-risk group. Early diagnosis can mean a better overall prognosis through a choice of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

estimated number of breast cancer cases diagnosed in 2020
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cancers are caused by an inherited genetic mutation
known mutations associated with hereditary cancer syndromes

Solutions for hereditary cancer NGS testing

HGMD Professional

The largest, manually curated resource for finding disease-causing mutations

QCI Interpret Translational

Software for rapid NGS variant annotation, filtering and triage

QCI Interpret

Clinical decision support software for NGS variant interpretation and reporting

Interested in our hereditary cancer NGS panels?

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