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Partnering with QIAGEN Digital Insights Discovery Bioinformatics Services is a reliable and convenient way to extend your in-house resources with expertise and perfectly tailored bioinformatics services that ensure high-quality results.

Tailored bioinformatics services ensuring high-quality data

As the world’s largest bioinformatics company, our broad spectrum of innovative bioinformatics know-how, technologies and knowledge bases allows us to uniquely support you. We are happy to take on only specific elements of your project, or handle the entire journey — from sample to insight. We provide expert consultation along the way, so as your trusted partner, together we can make the best decisions based on your project goals.


QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services:

The QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services team is highly organized, diligent, rigorous and thorough. They put quality first and are very collaborative. They have the statistical expertise and agility in communication to solve our problems. They are open to feedback, and easily adapt to solving new problems when they arise. They are a joy to work with, and I highly recommend their services.”

-Katherine Norwood, PhD, computational biologist at Sanofi

Select from these broad services for your custom project:

Custom automated workflows

Quickly respond to projects that require a custom workflow and pipeline, whether to tailor a plugin, integrate the software with other platforms or to work with new tools. Remove barriers to more efficiently process data from experiments without being limited by project scale or the level of sample throughput. 

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Example of before (left) and after (right) metadata curation. The left side demonstrates the merging of data from different systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) studies without metadata curation, where the values for disease state and gender are divergent between two studies. The right side demonstrates that after curation, the curated metadata have a harmonized vocabulary, enabling integration of all data included in the analysis.

Curation services

Tap into decades of in-depth content curation expertise to custom annotate and curate content. Access more consistent and representative data, whether from literature, public or private datasets and pathways, utilizing ontologies from QIAGEN OmicSoft or QIAGEN Knowledge Base or building unique ontologies. Leverage these consistent curations for your own internal artificial intelligence/machine learning initiatives.

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Data analysis and management

Broaden access to multiple data types and enable access to non-standard model organisms, allowing the researchers to conduct more clinically-relevant experiments the first time to achieve a complete picture from the data. Partner with trusted experts to explore biological pathways, identify causal variants and explore large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) population studies, enabling faster access to largescale data analysis and high-quality, reliable data.

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Scalable bioinformatics services

Increase project capacity by instantly accessing an expert workforce to respond to fluctuations in research project demand and assist with both small and large-scale projects. Quickly increase project data capacity with flexible onsite and cloud-based server options and maintenance, no matter how large the research project, without investing in expensive server infrastructure.

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Put your project in good hands: Let QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services accelerate and drive your projects to success

Custom automated workflows

You need to deliver high-quality data and meaningful data analyses to stakeholders, but your team lacks the required training or resources.

Our custom automated workflows services can support your team with:

•Building pipeline scripts

•Pipeline script integration

•Creating custom plugins

•Creating limited distribution custom plugins

Curation services

You need to deliver consistent and normalized metadata curation to collaborators, to enable more meaningful analyses. This can be time- and resource-intensive, and require skills you don’t have in-house.

Our curation services can support you by providing:

•Literature curation 

•Pathway curation

•Internal and/or public dataset curation

•Ontology customization

Data analysis and management

You need reliable and efficient software to produce high-quality multi-omics data processing to share with collaborators — resources your team may not have.

You need to provide full multi-omics bioinformatics capabilities, analyses, QC and interpretation. This requires time and expertise you may not have in-house.

Our team can support you by providing:

•Internal and public data processing

•Secondary data analysis 

•Data storage and visualizations  

Scalable bioinformatics services

You need to improve operational efficiencies and flexibility to accommodate requests from collaborators for various projects, but you lack a scalable bioinformatics workforce with the broad set of skills needed to deliver high-quality data and meaningful analyses.

Our team can support your research goals by providing:

•Multi-omics data processing

•Support for various model organisms

•Server setup, installation and maintenance

Example project: Data analysis and interpretation by QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services

Interested in QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services?

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