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Partnering with QIAGEN Digital Insights Discovery Bioinformatics Services is a reliable and convenient way to extend your in-house resources with expertise and perfectly tailored bioinformatics services that ensure high-quality results.

Tailored bioinformatics services ensuring high-quality data

As the world’s largest bioinformatics company, our broad spectrum of innovative bioinformatics know-how, technologies and knowledge bases allows us to uniquely support you. We are happy to take on only specific elements of your project, or handle the entire journey — from sample to insight. We provide expert consultation along the way, so as your trusted partner, together we can make the best decisions based on your project goals.

QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services:

The QIAGEN Bioinformatics Services team is highly organized, diligent, rigorous and thorough. They put quality first and are very collaborative. They have the statistical expertise and agility in communication to solve our problems. They are open to feedback, and easily adapt to solving new problems when they arise. They are a joy to work with, and I highly recommend their services.

Katherine Norwood, PhD, computational biologist at Sanofi

Select from these broad services for your custom project:

Example of before (left) and after (right) metadata curation. The left side demonstrates the merging of data from different systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) studies without metadata curation, where the values for disease state and gender are divergent between two studies. The right side demonstrates that after curation, the curated metadata have a harmonized vocabulary, enabling integration of all data included in the analysis.

Curation services

Ensure high-quality data curation and integration to enable focus on your core research objectives.

  • Internal or public dataset and metadata curation
  • Literature curation 
  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) pathway curation
  • Ontology customization

Dataset curation
• Internal and public dataset curation
• Project cataloging
• Term mapping and harmonization
• Project and sample metadata curation using standardized ontologies and data dictionary

Ontology customization
• Curation using proprietary Qiagen Knowledge Base ontologies
• Curation using public or custom ontologies to conform to industry/field standards
• Curation/mapping of metadata to switch from existing ontology to another

Literature and pathway curation
• IPA pathway curation
• IPA pathway import
• IPA literature curation

Multi-omics data analysis and management

Accelerate your target discovery with multi-omics data analyses and services, tailored to your scientific needs.

  • Internal or public data processing on >17 different data-types
  • Secondary data analysis using QIAGEN Digital Insights tools
  • Data storage and visualizations in:
    • Custom Omicsoft Land
    • Integrating with customer interface or data lake

Internal or public data processing on >17 different data types
• Genomic analysis and Transcriptomics (Bulk and single-cell RNA-seq)
• CRISPR analysis
• Proteomic, epigenetic and metabolomic analysis
• Microbial and metagenomic analysis

Biostatistical modeling and inference
• Identifying relationships between clinical variables and gene expression profile
• Regression, classification, clustering analyses
• Data interpretation and association study
Pathway and functional enrichment analysis
• Data mining using Qiagen Knowledge Base for biological interpretations

Custom/off-shelf solution for data storage and visualizations
• Custom Omicsoft Land
• Integrating with existing customer interface
• Create Data lake
• Data management and migration solutions

Scientific consultation
• Supporting research from the planning phase including NGS design, results interpretation, publication support with bioinformatics scientists and domain experts


Avoid the ‘omics data odyssey with a helping hand

Explore how you can b
oost your bioinformatics capabilities with QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services

Unlock biological discoveries hidden in single cells

Extend your in-house resources to include integrated single-cell data and analysis with the help of QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services

Custom bioinformatics pipelines

Expand data analysis potential with tailored pipelines that deliver accurate and reproducible results.

  • Custom pipeline and tool building
  • Pipeline integration with QIAGEN Digital Insights software
  • Limited distribution custom plugins/pipelines for QIAGEN Digital Insights software

Input files
• Support multiple file format
• Multiple languages supported (R, Python)

Pipeline scripts
• Tailor available scripts or develop new pipelines
• Pipeline optimization and clean up
• Modify and tailor what parameters are fixed or exposed to users
• Run locally or on cloud
• Flexibility to add additional QC outputs and steps
• Flexibility to integrate pipelines within QIAGEN Digital Insights software

Pipeline documentation
• Tutorials
• Addition to internal code repositories
• Version control

Output files
• Custom outputs tailored for visualization and downstream analysis
• Output files in multiple formats

Scalable bioinformatics and consulting services

A customized solution that’s scalable to your needs. Access a dedicated services team of bioinformatics scientists and domain experts with relevant skill sets for diverse projects. We’ll support you with:

  • Research planning, including NGS design, results interpretation and publication preparation
  • Documentation and training
  • SaaS (for QIAGEN CLC and QIAGEN OmicSoft)
    • Cloud based
    • On-premise

NGS experimental design

  • Sample size and statistical power evaluation
  • Measurement technologies consultation

Bioinformatics results interpretation

  • Support with understanding results of analyses; internal/external stakeholder presentation and communication

Scientific consulting

  • Expert bioinformatician technical consulting
  • Methodology drafting
  • Publication-quality data and figures

Server maintenance

  • Server installation and updates
  • User management, monthly usage reports
  • Server hosting

AI/ML services

Leverage complex data quickly and unlock actionable insight using AI/ML algorithms. Some example use cases where we utilize the AI/ML approach and our proprietary knowledge base include:

  • Deriving mechanism of action (MOA)
  • Drug response, biomarker identification and patient stratification
  • Indication expansion
  • Target identification
  • Prioritizing drug targets – ranking genes/proteins for a specific disease/indication

Access a diverse team of domain experts, curated content, software and infrastructure

Workflow for our projects

Ways to collaborate with us:

Choose one of our three service models:

  • Out-of-the-box analysis project: Analysis with standard input and output results; limited scope
  • Milestone project: Fixed scope we develop with you
  • Pay per hour: General scope and iterative requests with virtual bioinformatics experts to assist your team

Get in touch

Let’s explore how we can work together to speed up your research outcomes. Request a consultation with one of our QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services experts to discuss your specific research requirements.

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