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LabCorp enhances rare and hereditary disease test interpretation with QCI and HGMD
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Enrich your NGS analysis and interpretations with cutting-edge software solutions trusted by thousands worldwide.

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Sample to Insight
DNA Panel Testing

Targeted NGS panels and optimized analysis and interpretation tools. 

Research Bioinformatics Services

Discovery Bioinformatics Services is a reliable and convenient way to extend your in-house resources with expertise and perfectly tailored bioinformatics services that ensure high-quality results.

Pharmaceutical Development Services

Enabling pharma companies to develop biomarker diagnostics and targeted therapies using real-world insights from oncology patient genomic data.

Clinical Analysis & Interpretation Services

Helping clinical testing laboratories leverage the benefits of automation and expert support to improve test turnaround times, enhance clinical reporting capabilities and scale for future growth.

Uncover critical and timely insights

QIAGEN maintains the world’s largest, expert-curated knowledgebase of up-to-date evidence for discovery research, clinical test interpretation and pharmaceutical development. 

Case Study 1

Interpretation of gene expression data to tackle inflammatory bowel disease

Case Study 2

In Germany, scientists tackle cancer cohorts with Sample to Insight QIAGEN tools.

Case Study 3

Mount Sinai's novel biomarker predicts treatment outcome in ovarian cancer